Community Guidelines

In order to make sure every person in The Onward Community is treated respectfully and is free to participate we ask you to stick to the following rules:

  1. First and most importantly: treat your fellow community members with respect at all times
  2. Do not share messages which contain any form of illegal content
  3. Do not share messages which contain or encourage hacks, exploits or glitches unless it is to bring them to the attention of the developers and shared in an appropriate channel
  4. Do not directly contact individual developers, instead use the contact form linked below

Additionally, do not share any of the following:

  • Any discriminatory (racist, sexist, etc.) language, actions, imagery or iconography;
  • Political, ideological or religious discussions;
  • Adult content, including nudity, sexually suggestive or explicit images, gore and drugs;
  • Excessive vulgarity or profanity;
  • Accusations which lack merit, offer no proof or are slanderous;
  • Repeated messages or other forms of spam;
  • Insults, threats, or any message meant to anger or 'bait' other people; and
  • Videos, Images, or links that are malicious or harmful.


These guidelines, to the extent possible, also apply in-game and we will hold community members accountable for violating them. Consequences range from warnings to permanent bans from either our Discord server or Onward's multiplayer services. We collect and store user data for the purposes of enforcing our community guidelines. Refer to our privacy policy for guidance on how we process user data.

Reporting a player

If you feel someone has violated these rules please contact us. If at all possible please include video or other recordings with proof of their offense.